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More about the Prototype and Design Phase - How to get off on the right foot with User Adoption part

What you will get

By the end of this phase, you will produce:

  • Final End User Documentation Table of Contents

  • Training Course Module Definitions

  • Training Course Catalog

  • Training and Documentation Development strategies

  • Training Design Report that contains the refined documentation and training strategy and plan

  • Project Notebook for the development staff

What you will do

  • Finalize the documentation and training scope

  • Fully define training course modules

  • Prototype the documentation

  • Design the training materials

  • Test the documentation design

  • Test training material design

  • Create documentation and training development standards

  • Develop file management strategies

  • Define quality review strategy

  • Develop reporting strategy

  • Develop training data base strategy

  • Design evaluation strategy

  • Draft the End User Support Design Report with the refined training and documentation strategy and plan

Who Prototypes and Designs?

You need to be very familiar with effective documentation and training material design, as well as the instructional design and documentation process in to successfully complete prototype and design. You also need to be familiar with the business processes and system tasks to be able to define training course modules.

It usually takes more than one person to complete this phase, due to the varied expertise that is required. Eagle Project Architects, Operations Managers, Project Managers, and/or Project Leads usually complete the Prototype and Design activities before the development staff arrives.

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