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Creative Solutions to Develop Brands and Businesses

Eagle Consulting Partners is a Learning and Change Management Professional Services firm focused on delivering unique solutions to improve user adoption and performance as organizations implement and embrace complex enterprise business applications such as those offered by SAP, CA, Oracle and Infor.

Our user adoption and change management methodologies have been developed over many years and are proven to provide unique, fully customized solutions for each of our well valued clients based on their specific enterprise initiatives.  We focus on helping companies reap the benefits they expected when they initially purchased their Enterprise software. We help them realize the true “Return on Investment” they expected by ensuring the entire user base is proficient,  not only in the use of the software , but also the related business process, on a day to day basis. Helping a company’s workforce become proficient will lead to significant efficiencies, help to cut costs, and significantly improve employee morale while meeting the expectations of management.

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