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The Fast-Track to Data Migration

UPK Conversion Software

You’ve got content in UPK or CA Productivity Accelerator and recently you have decided it is time to migrate to SAP Enable Now or datango.

So now you need a fast,  simple, and cost effective way to convert your existing content. You should be free to start using SAP Enable Now or datango and have your legacy content available immediately.

This is the right solution.

Whether it is one single topic or an entire training program, our validated conversion process will deliver the professional results you're looking for. Our in-house staff are experts in SAP Enable Now (WPB), UPK (all derivatives of UPK/CAPA).


Quick Conversion: Yes, that’s one of the things we do. Our quick conversion has two phases:

1. Using our proprietary conversion system, our experts convert your current content to SAP Enable Now or datango compatible format.

2. Then, our conversion specialists perform a step-by-step comparison of your old content with the newly converted SEN or datango content in both Demo and Practice modes. Any discrepancies are fixed in real time.


The result is a nearly exact copy of your old content as a newly created SAP Enable Now archive (.dkp) file or datango (.prs) file.


Please contact us for pricing structure.


Get started Right Now.


Contact us and we will provide you a link to upload and submit your legacy content. We'll do a quick scan and tell you what we find. We can even convert the first 50 steps of your file for free and send them back to you within two business days.

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