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Improving the Performance of Organizations


Eagle CP manages to solve critical business issues by providing a best-in-class approach with a quality team. When it comes to the evolution of their organizations, our clients are no strangers to innovation. We help make this process easier by fostering collaboration and employee engagement. Read our success stories below.

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Helping your business to take the next step

SAP Enable Now  & HCL Enable Studio Quick-starts for projects

Eagle CP provides a fully immersive quick start program for each client. Our comprehensive program assists SAP Enable Now  and  HCL Enable Studio customers to quickly integrate these programs into their software development and training strategies. These hands-on programs are custom designed to fit each company's unique needs so they can hit the ground running while beginning to easily create and deploy custom training and support materials.

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Turning a New Page

When a business make changes, whether minor or large scale, sometimes business practices or services suffer. We assist and support companies by doing regular project health checks to gain a firm understanding of which areas are doing well and which areas need improving. We gather all requirements and conduct discovery sessions as well as identify and collect the key documentation needed for our assessments.


Once we have assessed all requirements, documents, and discovery sessions, we provide the client with an assessment against associated best practice and benchmark comparisons. We create a user competency improvement roadmap and present our findings. By performing regular health checks, your company can fix any obstacles quickly and efficiently to provide the best results to your customers.

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Training for the future

User Adoption Workshops

A badly trained end user community is at the core of most implementations that fail on ROI. Eagle CP is a company's insurance against failure or at least in large part. We specialize in making the end user workforce proficient in the use of IT applications. We hand-hold, we teach, we document, we provide "cheat sheets", tips and tools to prevent you from entering wrong data, running transactions in error and creating more chaos than one is already in.

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Project Health Checks

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