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Alacrity / SAP Enable Now

Eagle Consulting Partners has an all-encompassing cloud based solution, Alacrity, that will provide you with a new User Adoption support tool as well as the ability to leverage your existing content potentially saving you both time and significant cost!  Eagle has the ability via our partnership with SAP to sell and support SAP’s Enable Now Toolset coupled with our proprietary UPK converter solution.  This permits your organization to easily and effectively migrate all of your existing content from your previous UPK environment into SAP’s Enable Now Toolset.


The Alacrity solution will allow you to easily capture and document: system configurations, business processes and step by step system navigation.  Organizations who utilize this solution see an increase in user productivity and proficiency, improved training success and learner retention.  They also see reduced training and support costs as well as a reduced reliance on support teams. 

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