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Developing Resource and Cost Estimates - How to get off on the right foot with User Adoption part 18

The final step in the Analysis phase is developing a resource and cost estimate for the End User Support Program. Base the estimate on the following information obtained during the Analysis phase:

  • Documentation Scope. Comprised of the number of business processes and system tasks to be documented (e.g., 50 business processes, 200 system tasks).

  • Training Scope. Comprised of the total number of training courses and delivery time (e.g., 20 training courses, 160 hours of training delivery).

  • Documentation Development Time. Depends on the documentation approach. For example, typical on-line documentation development times are 4 hours per system task, 10 per business processes.

  • Training Course Development Time. Depends on the training approach. For example, typical development time for instructor-led training is 10 hours of development time for each hour of training delivery.

  • Time Available for Development. Base this estimate on development start dates and training delivery dates. Training delivery dates are based on total hours of training delivery, project implementation dates, available facilities and audience size. For example, if development start date is June 1 and training delivery date is January 1, you have approximately 6 months available for training and documentation development.

Once you have compiled this information, you can easily draft a resource estimate. For example:

Documentation Scope

100 system tasks

Training Scope

10 courses, 80 hours delivery time

Documentation Development Time

4 hours per task

Training Development Time

10 hours per each hour of delivery

Total Development Time

400 documentation

800 training

1200 total

Time available for development

4 months (640 hours)

Resources needed

About 2 full-time

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