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What is needed for Needs Analysis? - How to get off on the right foot with User Adoption part 15

Meet With Documentation and Training Coordinator

Once the Documentation and Training Coordinator has received and read the Needs Analysis Questionnaire, meet with the Coordinator to discuss it. He/she will provide you with basic information about the implementation and the client’s business, such as the basic project timeline, project organization and key contacts, corporate structure, products. If the Coordinator has any of the other requested information at this time, be sure to obtain it.

Next, ask the Documentation and Training Coordinator to arrange interview sessions with the project team and business community. Include at least one representative from each functional area in the Project Team interviews (i.e., one from Order Management, Financials, Supply Chain, etc.), and Business Community representatives with varying levels of experience and responsibility (i.e., Management and DataData Entry Personnel). You will receive a better understanding of the organization and project if you include a broad cross-section of interviewees.

Interview the Project Team

After you have interviewed the Documentation and Training Coordinator, interview the Project Team. During these interviews, you will gain a better understanding of the scope of business processes and system tasks included in the implementation. You also need to obtain several different documents during these interviews:

  • Project Scope

  • System Design Requirements

  • “As-is” and “To-be” Process Maps/Flows/Lists

  • Design and Testing Scripts; obtain a list if scripts are not ready

  • Job Titles of end users requiring training

These documents need to be accurate, as they provide the foundation for the Documentation Table of Contents and Training Curricula.

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