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When is Analysis Done? - How to get off on the right foot with User Adoption part 14

How to Perform the Activities

This section provides guidelines on performing each of the Analyze activities listed in the What You Need to Do section.

Distribute Needs Analysis Questionnaire

Distribute the Needs Analysis at least a week or two before you arrive to perform the Needs Analysis. The Needs Analysis questionnaire allows the client contacts to prepare for interview sessions, so these interviews can be performed smoothly. It includes questions about project timeline, business processes, system tasks, objectives, user audience. Encourage the client to provide hard copy responses to the questions, in the form of process and script lists, job descriptions, project plan, to accelerate the information gathering process.

The Needs Analysis questionnaire is addressed to three client audiences:

Documentation and Training Coordinator. Client focal point who becomes the key contact during the Analyze phase, and is the liaison between Eagle and the Project Team and Business Community. The Documentation and Training Coordinator will typically schedule all necessary interviews and facilitate them if required.

Project Team. Group that is responsible for designing the business processes and configuring the system to meet the business requirements. Team members are usually assigned to a specific process area (i.e., Order Management, Supply Chain, Financials), and can either be business professionals or system analysts.

Business Community. Business population at large, who do not have extensive knowledge on system processes, but on the current business processes and business computer systems currently being .

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