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What Is Needs Analysis part 2 - How to get off on the right foot with User Adoption part 13

Needs Analysis is the first step in Eagle’s Talon methodology and literally is the foundation on which the entire end user support program is built. In this phase, you will analyze the training needs of the client, and then determine the best documentation and training approach based on your analysis.

What you will do

  • Distribute Needs Analysis Questionnaire

  • Meet with Documentation and Training Coordinator

  • Conduct Interviews with Project Team

  • Develop a Job/Task Analysis Document

  • Conduct Interviews with Business Community

  • Compile and Distribute Job/Task Profile

  • Develop the Proposed Training Course Curriculum

  • Compile the Documentation Table of Contents

  • Develop the User Support Strategy Document

  • Develop the Preliminary Work Plan

  • Develop Cost and Resource Estimate

Who does the Analysis?

You need to have considerable knowledge about business processes and system tasks, and/or end user documentation and training program design to successfully complete this phase. Eagle Program Managers and Project Architects usually perform Analysis activities.

When is Analysis Done?

Perform a Needs Analysis around the time the Business Redesign effort is ending, and the Configuration phase is beginning. Allow two weeks to gather all of the implementation information, and at least another week to analyze and develop the strategy document.

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