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What is Eagle’s training development approach? - How to get off on the right foot with User Adoption

A successful education and training effort requires development of a comprehensive educational program that includes general system education, basic PC skills and navigational skills training, an overview of the appropriate business process area, job-specific, functional training that targets each task a user will perform in the system, and post-implementation support. This educational program instruction needs to be developed by following a systems approach.

The systems approach to instruction focuses on how every component of a program—trainer, materials, learning environment, work environment and supervisor—are critical to successful performance. Passing a test is not good enough—our instruction ensures that learners perform their job better as a result of learning.

Who is the audience for training?

The segments of an end user audience are quite diverse, and can impact many different levels in an organization, including:

  • Executives

  • Senior and Middle Management

  • Front-line Managers and Supervisors

  • Site Implementation Leaders

  • Super Users

  • End Users - Expert Users, Novice Users and Occasional Users

  • Administration Staff

  • Support and Sustainment Personnel

We identify this audience during our Prototype and Design phase by completing a detailed Job/Task analysis.

Our customized training program targets the needs of each of these types of audiences, ensuring that they receive the depth of training they need to be prepared for the implementation

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