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How do you approach system or process instruction? - How to get off on the right foot with User Adop

Eagle’s approach to instruction is comprised of educational and instructional goals. First, we want to educate people about the system and the changes in their organization well before the training starts. This education targets why a company has implemented a system or new process, the benefits, and addressing specific issues and concerns. We can provide this education educate people through communication tools such as newsletters, bulletin boards, videos, and/or even live road shows.

instructional goals are met by constructing a multi-tiered curricula that targets basic PC skills, navigational skills, an overview of the appropriate business area, and then job-specific, functional training that targets each task an end- user will perform in the new system or utilizing a new process. The following graphic illustrates how Eagle approaches training development and execution by developing and executing a multi-tiered curricula aimed at various audience segments:

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