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How do you develop the documentation? - How to get off on the right foot with User Adoption part 7

Eagle's Talon Methodology explains just how to develop this comprehensive system and process documentation. It divides the entire development process into different segments or phases. Each phase addresses a different stage in a project, with goals, deliverables and activities clearly defined for each phase:

  • Analyze. Analyze process and script lists, and determines the documentation scope based on the processes and scripts. A preliminary documentation Table of Contents is drafted, and the documentation approach is selected.

  • Prototype and Design. Design the documentation prototypes and templates based on the chosen approach. These items are built based on our existing templates to save development time and cost. Usability tests are also performed on the prototypes during this phase to validate the design.

  • Develop. The training development team builds the documentation based on the chosen design. The documentation also undergoes a multi-step review process to ensure its quality.

  • Implement. A designated team delivers the documentation to the users. For hard copy solutions, this means production and distribution of the materials in printed form. For online solutions, this means publishing the documentation to the corporate intranet via your chosen training development toolset.

  • Evaluate. Evaluate how effective the documentation solution was for the end users, through surveys and other evaluation methodologies.

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