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Methodology Design - How to get off on the right foot with User Adoption part 4

We have designed our Talon methodology based on our philosophy surrounding documentation and training. Our underlying philosophy is:

  • Get the users ready. Eagle ensures that end users know how to perform their system processes, and that they take ownership of these new processes. We do this through the right combination of documentation, training and change communication.

  • Customize the solutions. Eagle creates documentation and training that conforms to your business processes, not on a generic model of a system. We create job specific, role-based documentation and training materials. Your users will know not only how to work in the system, but how it impacts their job.

  • Follow a Systems Approach. Our systems approach to training program design, development and execution focuses on performance. Our training programs target improving performance back on the job, not just computer skills.

  • Be flexible. Through our many years of documentation and training experience, we know that one approach does not work for all projects. That’s why we have designed the methodology to be flexible, so that we can accommodate all types of project environments, and produce customized products. We can do all of the work ourselves, or work with a customer’s internal resources. We can use our standard design, or create a custom design. Our solution depends on the client’s needs.

  • Involve the users. We involve users throughout the life cycle of the documentation and training project. They help us with usability testing, validating the design of our materials, and with reviewing the content of the materials. User involvement increases the education and buy-in of the users, and ensures that we produce effective materials that will be used by our audience.

  • Develop materials quickly. Project budgets and deadlines are often tight. To trim training and documentation production time and cost as much as possible, Eagle has developed a library of generic System documentation and training materials that we bring to each engagement. Our Eagle Foundation and Team Teach materials typically cut production time in half. We also bring standard prototypes and templates that will help us complete our work more efficiently and quickly.

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