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Innovations in IT have created change ranging from the small and unnoticed to the cataclysmic and pervasive. Companies have continually changed too - be it their offerings or processes. Like people, companies are creatures of the change continuum. Change is a way of life whether it is caused by a new investment the company has made in IT or even a process meant to make the firm more competitive and relevant in the ecosystem it thrives in. 

It may not surprise anyone to observe that many change agents, introduced to produce a positive effect, work sub-optimally and do not produce any form of Return on Investment (ROI). This is usually puzzling because the IT offerings introduced are usually the very best in the industry.

We at Eagle CP enable people to be proficient in what they do, every working day. 

So if you are an Accounts Payables clerk who has to use SAP, a dominant Enterprise Resource Planning software, we can help. We will teach you how to use SAP effectively, while helping you focus on being more accomplished at Accounts Payables and not an IT person. 


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Soaring to Improved Performance

Eagle Consulting Partners (Eagle CP) is a Learning and Change Management organization providing services to organizations undergoing business transition with the goal of improved performance. We recognize the challenges that change brings, and offer a realistic and sustainable approach for achieving a positive and productive change experience. Our consultants have a minimum of 10 years experience delivering our unique adoption solutions with most having over 20 years of experience in these fields.

How to get off on the right foot with User Adoption part 1

June 18, 2020

Implementing complex business software is no easy task.  It takes a lot of hard work for many months to get the system ready to use.  And you not only...

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