Who We Are

EagleCP is a Learning and Change Management organization that provides services to organizations undergoing business transition with the goal of improved performance. We recognize the challenges that change brings, and offer a realistic and sustainable approach for achieving a positive and productive change experience. Over 90% of our consultants have a minimum of 20 years experience delivering our unique adoption solutions. 

  • Education specialist focused on user adoption and improved performance
  • Boutique organization - laser focused
  • Team has delivered over 500 Training and Change Management Projects
  • Proven methodologies

To make this happen, we will always innovate to provide differentiated, modern solutions and execute well so that we add tangible value to the business of our clients by making them proficient at their jobs.


We will achieve our mission:

  • By attracting and retaining a talented specialist workforce that understands the learning space
  • By offering clients Intellectual Property built by us so that we help them get more efficient and proficient at their jobs
  • By staying focused on learning
  • By delivering projects through world class methods and process rigor
  • By assessing our progress through the satisfaction of our clients

Our Approach

Our adoption methodology and approach is based on our long-standing experience in assisting our clients to plan for change, build change and sustain the positive benefits of complex enterprise wide changes for the long term. An effective and detailed approach to every stage meets this challenge by determining and communicating consistent, strategic messages about the change throughout the initiative. Eagle provides a catalogue of services that will allow you to navigate complex business change and achieve both immediate and on-going results:

  • Strategy & Planning         
  • Change Network         
  • Change Communications         
  • Organizational Design         
  • Training & Performance Support         
  • Policy & Procedures