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How to get off on the right foot with User Adoption part 1

Implementing complex business software is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work for many months to get the system ready to use. And you not only have to get the system ready, but you also have to prepare the people who will be using the system--the end users. This task can seem overwhelming when added to all of the other things you have to do. At Eagle, we understand the pressures of implementing a complex, integrated business software package. That’s why we created the Eagle Talon Methodology, to make one part of a system or process implementation easier--the end user adoption program.

The Eagle Talon Methodology explains how to approach, design, develop and implement a successful end user support program. In the Blog series that follows, you will find solid instructional design and user documentation guidelines that will ensure your end- users are ready once you have set up your system or new process.